Employees Awareness Week & Customer Delight month

All the members/Branch secretary/District Secretary/Circle Office bearers are requested to observe EMPLOYEES AWARENESS WEEK FROM 18th April 2011 to 24th April 2011 & CUSTOMER DELIGHT MONTH from 1st May 2011 to 31st May 2011 as decided in JAC

The following target are  to be achieved during Customer Delight Month:

  • Zero landline, OFC faults | All faults to be cleared o  the same day.
  • Zero Broadband faults      | Cable Faults to be cleared within 48 hours.
  • Zero Leased Line faults.
  • Zero BTS faults.
  • Zero pending work orders of New Connections/Broad Band / Shifting.
  • Redressal of customer grievances in respect of quality of service, billing, stopping migration of customers.
  • Visiting subscriber premises. Make the customer to learn using GPRS, trough demonstration. This will enable the customers to avail the Value Added Services.
  • Proper upkeep of the batteries and power plant
  • Identifying and disposing of scrap material.
  • Effective utilisation of the space which had been occupied by scrap materials.
  • Maintaining punctuality – attending office on time.
  • Manning of the Customer Service Centres from 8.00 AM to 9.00 PM and on Second Saturdays and Sundays wherever required.
  • Giving proper publicity by issuing pamphlets to the public, displaying posters / flex boards and publicity through media. This to give a message to the public that BSNL employees care for their Customers.
  • Each employee should bring at least 2 new customers (landline, Broad Band/ Mobile etc.) during this month.
  • To take all measures to save electricity.
  • Weekly Review of the progress and discussion between management and staff side.